I started Matt Hood PT back in 2018 as I wanted to create a fitness community in my area. It was a chance for me to share my passion and love for fitness to help and educate others to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have always surrounded myself with team sports. I see fitness as a team sport. A family. A chance for individuals of different backgrounds and experiences to come together as one to create the best versions of themselves. The satisfaction I get from helping someone achieve their goals is a feeling I could never get tired of. 


Level 2 health and fitness 
Level 3 Personal Training 
FA level one football coach 


Building a strong client base I have trained many Incredible people with different goals. Being a PT comes many responsibilities. Trust, dedication and commitment. 
I am not just a PT but a life coach, someone to look up too, a friend. Fitness isn’t just about your physical appearance but also your mental wellness. After breaking my ankle and not being able to compete in sports events, go to the gym or even get into the bath by myself. I also know the mental challenges people may face when starting something new or coming back from a past experience. 
I have taken part in 4 half marathons 
Quickest time 1 hour 48 mins 
I ran a full marathon in my back garden!! 
I would LOVE to climb Mount Kilamanjaro!  


Individuals who want to change their lifestyle for the better 
People who are looking to make a change in their appearance both physical and physchologically 
I have worked with beginners through to advanced athletes who are looking for support/advice when reaching for their goals  


6 week HIIT plan 
PDF copy and a hard copy sent via post 
Interactive hard copy  
Self assessments to track progress 
18 HIIT workouts 
3 recipes 
A planner 
Nutrition facts 
24/7 support via whatsapp/email  


 for more details  



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