1. Where are you based? 
I am currently based in Berkshire and travel to surrounding areas such as Staines, Englefield Green and Virginia Water. 
4. Can I have PT with my family or friends? 
Of course! I call these ‘buddy sessions’. I am more than happy to train you and up to 5 friends/family during that hours session. 
7. Where are your bootcamps held? 
I currently have one bootcamp running in Langley. It is held at Slough Rugby Club at Upton Court Park. We have use of a beautiful pitch with toilets facilities and floodlights during the winter months.  
10. Does your HIIT Plan include a diet plan? 
The plan does not include a diet plan however they’re 3 great recipes for you to try and cover all dietary requirements. With my plan I offer 24/7 support so at any time you have a question or need some help/advice, drop me a message and I’ll get back to you with the answers! 
2. Do you come to peoples houses? 
Yes. I have a range of home gym equipment from kettlebells, battle ropes and resistance bands which I take to clients houses. The sessions can be done inside or outside. 
5. What do you specialise in? 
I specialise in weight loss and whole body toning. The majority of my clients and amazing transformations have been from losing weight. My passion is HIIT training (high intensity interval training). This method of training is what I enjoy the most and is AMAZING for weight loss. 
8. Are you bootcamps suitable for beginners? 
Yes definitely! My bootcamps are suitable for all ages and abilities. All exercises can be adapted or altered in many ways to help all individuals. I have a great bunch of bootcampers who all motivate and help one another throughout the session! 
3. How long does it take to see changes? 
The length of time to see/feel the changes solely depends on the individual. If you stick to the plans given from training to your diet then I would say you will start to see changes after 2 weeks both physically and mentally. For a complete transformation I would say between 6-8 weeks of strict nutrition and exercise. 
6. How many PT sessions would you recommend a week? 
The amount of sessions is down to the individual and their goals. I would suggest starting with 1-2 PT sessions a week alongside a programme I would create to complete at home in your own time.  
9. Who would you recommend your HIIT Plan to? 
I would recommend my HIIT Plan for anyone who is looking to lose weight or tone up, someone who struggles to find time to exercise, someone looking for a routine or structure to follow to help them achieve their goals. Inside the plan is a great daily planner which tells you what workout to do on that specific day as well as your rest days. The workouts last no longer than 30 minutes which is ideal if you run on a strict schedule, you can do them before/after work or even on your lunch break. 


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